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Hostile Aggressive Parenting

What Dads Need to Know About Malicious Mother Syndrome
Hostile Aggressive Parenting and Parental Alienation Syndrome



Petition For Redress of Grievances

Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division
United States Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.

We the undersigned Men, Fathers, Husbands and Concerned Citizens of the United States of America, hereby petition the U.S. Government for redress of grievances. We demand a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the Civil Justice Systems of the various States of the United States. We charge the Civil Courts, specifically the Domestic Relations/Family Courts, Circuit Courts and judges, with blatant and gross gender bias and prejudice against men, and in favor of women in the vast majority of divorce cases involving child custody, visitation, property division and child support.

In these Courts of Injustice, men are discriminated against in nearly all cases involving women, and occasionally women are denied their constitutional rights to equality and parenthood as well.

We demand equality for all parents. In most cases, however, men's constitutional rights to raise our children, to life, liberty and property are systematically violated. Men are treated as though guilty from the very start, denied due process, and forced to endure the destruction of our parenthood and alienation from our children due to the existence of statutes providing for forced unequal custody orders in direct violation of the guarantees of due process, equal protection of the laws, and the liberty interest in the family under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

We demand a full and impartial investigation, state by state, district by district. We demand abolition of all statutes which allow forced unequal custody orders against law-abiding parents absent a compelling state interest, which statutes promote the "winner take all", adversarial process that destroys parent-child relations and preclude a level playing field which is vital for parents to cooperate in rearing children after a divorce.

We demand justice and compensation for emotional damages suffered by this illegal, state-sponsored terrorism and kidnapping of our children, loss of family relations, and financial damages from fighting this corrupt divorce industry presided over by state family law judges.






Malicious Mother Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome



Dad's Against Discrimination


Does your law firm or psychology practice offer products or services dedicated to exposing "malicious 'mother' syndrome" and "parental alienation syndrome" and helping father's and anti-dad judges recognize that these "mother's" are using the children to punish their dad's?  

Simply having a vagina, 2 ovaries and 2 breasts does not mean that person is the better parent, yet that's still the prejudice and attitude of the judges and courts. The child's best interests are overlooked when there is anti-father bias in these courts that are supposed to be neutral when it comes to awarding custody, that still awards primary custody to the "mother" in over 80% of the cases.  Judges and courts are not seeking the child's best interests when they are blinded by one person's sex and their sexist, feminist biases that still have them automatically awarding primary custody to "mothers."

Dad's and grandparents everywhere are saying stop the discrimination against dads. 

See:  for more information about a chapter near you.

We're calling for equality in divorce court and equal treatment for dads.  Every dad wanting custody of their children should be given fair and impartial treatment by the court.

All divorces must now award primary custody to fathers, 50% of the time for those dad's seeking sole or primary custody. Take the sex out of the courtroom and award custody to the best parent. When it's equal, every court must now be accountable and show that they don't favor one parent's sex over the other - true equality and 50% of the time every court across the U.S. must award custody to equally, to parents of each sex.   

Join a Dad's Against Discrimination chapter near you. Elect representatives that will change the bias and anti-father sentiment that still exists in "family" courts.



The Alienation of Children Is Child Abuse
by Dr. J. Michael Bone



Parental Alienation 

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